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Susan Blackwell may be the greatest blogger ever. I swear.

I'm at my friend Erica's house, so I porbably won't be online for you all who might be expecting it. 

That's about it for tonight!
(I finished Helen's book, and started "The Fountainhead", and its amazing.)
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I've been watching the HBO miniseries "Elizabeth I" starring none other than Helen Mirren. It's fabulous. I'm about half way through Part 2, but my grandparents want to take a break in watching it (because we've been on a three hour roller coaster ride of emotion via this miniseries) so here's a meme I stole from missy307 to pass the time.

How this works:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

b. Using only the first page, pick an image. Post and link to the original.

1. What is your first name? (Lani)
tiny visitor... (for Taty's friend Lani)

2. What is your favorite food? (Dark Chocolate)
Handmade chocolate cupcakes filled with blueberry cream and topped with dark chocolate ganache and some more of these absolutely delicious wild blueberries

3. What high school did you go to? (Arp)
white ARP odyssey

4. What is your favourite color? (Black)
Black White Red Entertainment
(Hey! It happened to have my THREE favorites in it, 
red, black & white)

5. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? 
(Here lately, watch a Helen Mirren movie)
the queen

6. Favorite drink? (Diet Coke)
Happy = Diet Coke

7. Dream vacation? (seperate: [title of show] and Patti LuPone Gypsy)
[title of show] (#112) Patti LuPone

Well we're starting back up again. So I'm only doing half of this meme.
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Molly Shannon on Will & Grace= BEST EVER.

Anyway... I was sick yesterday and it sucked really, really badly. Judy Davis once said that, to her, vomiting was the worst kind of sickness. AGREED.

The ONLY upside was that I got to skip band. Only thing is that they learned the hard song and now I will be behind for FOREVER.

BIG NEWS: I'm not technically supposed to know yet, but I do.
I should explain some things before I tell you, because not everyone who reads is from around here.
In Tyler, which is a town about twenty minutes from where I live there is a college called the University of Texas at Tyler, and they have a place called the Cowan Center. I'm losing the word for what it is.... ANYWAY, every year different 'acts' come around (last year Bernadette Peters came, as well as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and the National Tour of Gypsy) and they sell season tickets either to all the events, or just to certain groupings of events. One of the groupings is the Cowan Center Broadway Series, which is a season ticket to all the national tours that are coming (this year these are Chicago, Jesus Christ Superstar, Movin Out, and the Drowsy Chaperone). Tickets are anywhere from $90 to about $250. My mother refused to buy me these this year. I waaaaas dissapointed. 

Our principal of our school is called Dr. Zachary, and he and his wife really seem to like me. He always calls me 'Lani girl' and they took me out to eat Mexican food after I won an All-Star Cast award for playing Lala Levy in Alfred Uhry’s “The Last Night of Ballyhoo”. He came by my mother’s flower shop a couple days ago to tell her that he had bought me season tickets to go see the Broadway touring shows with him and his wife! My mother said I shouldn’t mention it to anyone until he had told me, and that I have to act surprised. It won’t be hard, because I am very excited. I was sad that I really got ‘into’ Broadway towards March because I missed some fabulous shows this year (Evita, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Gypsy came)

I typed this after band:


So I went to band (obviously) and I wasn’t as terribly behind as I thought I would be. Our solo is super hard, but really fun and crazy. It sounds rather like a demented music box, actually.


I feel like I’ve neglected to listen to many musicals lately. Mainly its been a playlist of Mamma Mia, [title of show] and some songs from the Wedding Singer. I also feel really bad because I rarely listen to Patti.


When I become un-lazy I plan on retyping my about me section for my myspace, lj, etc because its not very accurate anymore. Not that anyone really reads it probably, because its SUPER long.


Also, I feel like a slacker because I WAS reading Breaking Dawn, but I sort of stopped midway and started reading Helen’s book. It bugs me when I don’t finish books, but I really would rather read In the Frame. They sit side by side (by side XD) on my bedside table and I always go for it. Maybe I’ll develop a plan to read a little of each every day. Who knows.


And now I jump back to being sick:

I felt bad last night, like shit. About ten o’ clock, as I watched Will & Grace I slowly started to feel better. Coincidence? I think not. By the end of the second episode I felt so much better (no Legally Blonde pun intended. Well, maybe a bit). So I guess Will & Grace has a healing effect. Maybe not for everyone, but at least for me.


I’m super excited to get the cast recordings from Gina. Like SUPERMEGAEXCITED. I’m such a Sondheim girl (or so I like to think) but I don’t own the recordings for Company OR Sunday in the Park With George. I’ve heard them, I love them, I just don’t have them. Pathetic, I know.


Because it seems standard now for me to talk about Helen (just a month ago it was standard to discuss Patti, what’s happening? Lol) I should mention that she topped Vanity Fair’s prestigious Top Ten Internationally Best Dressed Women list for 2008. (She was also voted number three sexiest celebrity stomach XD).


Observe Helen in a bikini. How is it possible that she is that age and more fit than I am?

Number two on the best dressed list was Angelina Jolie. Go Helen! Way to beat all the younger people just by being amazing and gorgeous. I am so very jealous of her, and I hope to God that I age as gracefully as she has. One of my worst fears is being really ugly. I know that I’m not like gorgeous now, but at least I’m not HIDEOUS. Yet, anyway.


Well that’s about all I can think to say for now. I’ll try to post another blog later, especially if we go see “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2”. (Yay Blythe Danner and Blake Lively having scenes together!)



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