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 So today I had fast internet for about four hours. It was the best thing ever.

I youtubed my brains out! (Also, Vivi Venus-ed. Which is a Helen Mirren Video Database)

Something Hilarious with Clay Figures of Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and Kate Winslet.

About it- XDDD. Helen seems to be obsessed with her boobs, and its quite funny. As are the constant put-downs made by the Dames to Kate “Never Winsh*t”. That’s about all I can say. It’s HILARIOUS.


Helen Mirren Times Talk

About it- It’s a six-part interview with Helen about her biography, In the Frame. Very funny, and adorable.


Helen Mirren on the Today Show

About it- Helen talks about her new book, In the Frame. It’s especially worth watching for the first part where they show her as they talk about her, because when the guy mentions racy pictures she makes this face that makes me laugh.


Several Helen Mirren fan videos. (Including a montage to “Sexy Back”. XD)


Some music videos for the band “The Feeling”. They are just so light spirited and happy. I MUST have their CD, or at least buy some songs on itunes. (Especially "Fill My Little World")

I think that's it.

Then I made a new Project Playlist account, thedramagirl. (What else?) And added some songs by Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, The Clash, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dolly Parton, etc. Talk about a random playlist!


As soon as I finish posting this I am going to make a last fm. Because everyone seems to have one of these, and I feel like I should have a username on virtually everything (or so it seems LOL) possible. I’m quite excited about this.

Julie Walters wrote an autobiography called "The Autobiography". I'm so ordering this when it comes out. I may wait for US release, though)

I never actually watched the Jerk last night because the parents went to bed early, but I think I’m going to go watch it tonight because I’m not gonna ramble as much.


We played “twirler tunes” today in band, which are songs like “Danger Zone”, “Bad to the Bone”, etc. Stuff to play in the stands. During a break, the head twirler, Katie, was showing me a bit of one of their routines involving a high kick. So I tried it out, but when I high kicked, my black flat flew into the air a la Laura Bell Bundy and almost hit this poor guy Corey in the head. (Sorry Corey!) It made me laugh, so I had to explain to him about how LBB kicked her shoe into the audience. It was amusing.


I’m so obsessed with the song “Picture Show”, from Parade. It’s too adorable for words!

The wireless woman decided to forget to come hook up my internet (or rather, its a friend of my mother's who is going to help us out), so I still have slowness. Grr.

Also, I think I may have pulled a muscle in my leg while high kicking. (HIGH KICKING: Fun but dangerous). Which would suck. I can still kick (I've been doing it all day), but not lift my knee very well. Pity that it causes such problems with me, as I was going to use kicking as my excercise each day.
Well, I’m gonna go watch “The Jerk”. I’ll try to upload those songs for ya’ll tonight!

Actually I’m too lazy to watch the Jerk. So I’m gonna do a meme.

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