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 Gotta love Jack McFarland. This may be a short one, I only have until my friend Jamie wakes up.

Last night I watched "Definitely, Maybe" and it was adorable. There was as much Abigail Breslin as you were led to expect in the previews, but that was okay. The women who played Abigails three possible mothers were fantastic.
We got it when we went to rent a movie. I picked "Calendar Girls", but I wasn't the one paying, so she got her choice.
I talked her into watching " The Queen", but she just texted ALL THE WAY THROUGH (I swear she had to be talking to like five different people at once), and then she made me turn it off early before it 'bored her to tears'. It made me really angry and personally insulted. So I popped in "A Series of Unfortunate Events" so that I could watch Meryl Streep kick ass as Aunt Josephine. But then I remember Catherine O'Hara (<333 She is so fabulous) was in it and I decided to stick it out. Only I fell asleep before the movie was 1/4 of the way through. But I WILL watch it when I get home from Band Camp today. Speaking of Band Camp UGHH.

Everyday I go down to the Band Hall at 12:30 and we rehearse till 3:30. The music is very nice (La Nouba from Circue du Soleil), but I can't play it. So that sucks. I just kind of sit there and fake play the marimba (which is kind of like a xylophone). But yesterday they brought in a percussion specialist who broke it down and made the music easier.  So I have the first bit memorized.

I have been reading Helen's book, and I mean actually READING it. I NEVER really read biographies, I just sort of flip through them. But her book is so much better than any other biography ever. She remembers little miniscule details and adds them in the book, so its not just boring 'I went to college at so-and-so and then I studied, blah blah blah'. And she adds photo collages and fun bits. I'm totally lovin' it.

We're going to see "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" later today.
Yay for Blake Lively and Blythe Danner! I'm  super excited.

Well I'm watching Will & Grace and I'm being brave by hooking up to the internet not at night (it ties up our phone line and pisses my mother off) so I need to go.


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