Aug. 4th, 2008

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I had to go out tonight with my Nonie, my sister, and my little cousin Quentin.
They decided to go bowling and out to eat. I decided to plot a way to get to Barnes & Noble.
Before we left, I called up and asked about "In the Frame: My Life in Words and Pictures", Helen's autobiography.
They had ONE copy.

So anyway, we get to the bowling alley and they have us switch lanes TWICE because the computer keeps screwing up. And then I was doing fine, until my head started hurting REALLY REALLY badly. And my stomach started hurting.

AND THEN to top it off we had to eat Mexican Food. I really hate Mexican Food.

But then afterwards we did indeed go to Barnes & Noble, and I was able to get $35 dollars of Helen-y goodness without spending a cent of my money. There are tons of fabulous pictures, such as some candid photos from one of those super-fun photobooths and unreleased press pictures.

And we pause for the "Coco Chanel" commercial. GAH. SO. AWESOME.

Anyway, I've had issues making myself read this summer (a very odd concept for me) and I've only read "The Bell Jar" all the way through (that I can remember), but this book had me absorbed. It might just be the growing obsession in my mind (that's probably it). Either way its amazing and you would have to pay me a bunch to get it away from me.

I can't believe that I'm having issues rambling. This is stranggggge.
Well I'll do a meme or something in a little while.


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